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What is V-Steem?


Vaginal steaming works by bringing the healing benefits of the ancient, time-tested, healing of ritual of sitting over gently heated herb-infused steam to the modern woman. The gentle steam renews, relaxes and yet tones the pelvic floor, labia, vulva and vagina by awakening powerful acupuncture points that activate a woman's self-healing potential for balance in her body and mind.

Vaginal Steaming can ease the discomfort caused by:

• Vaginal Dryness

• Menopause

• Poor Circulation

• Low Libido

• Vaginal Pain

• Painful Intercourse

• Ovarian Cysts

• Uterine Fibroids

Spiritual & Emotional Benefits 

  • Allows modern day women the opportunity to reconnect to the
    ancestral wisdom of the womb

  • Aides in the release of stored
    emotions & anxiety

  • Can assist in healing from
    sexual trauma​

  • Access to the feminine energy that gives rise to our vibrant, creative potential as women

  • Relieves tension and creates
    a state of bliss

  • Can help aide the impact of






What  to Expect...

Her V Steem is a gathering place of sisters to feel completely taken care of, nourished and transported out of the stress and demands of our daily lives.

Once you walk through the door our spa will transport you to an ethereal atmosphere with upbeat soothing music, private dressing rooms and individual linen spaces offering complete privacy and relaxation. We also offer a vanity counter to freshen up after services.  You will be wearing custom-made gowns and seated on hand-crafted steaming thrones.

  • Upon entering Her V Steem you will be warmly greeted. 

  • You will fill out a confidential form indicating your specific needs.

  • You will be provided a private dressing room to change into a full-length gown that fits all body types and shapes.

  • Your customized blend of herbs is created and added to a pot of mildly steamed water.

  • During the steaming, you remain discreet in a full-length gown. This is a very gentle process which involves sitting on a custom, one of a kind steaming throne with a cushioned seat that has an opening. Each seat is thoroughly sanitized with hospital grade disinfectant after use and then covered in a freshly cleaned towel. 

  • After 45 minutes of complete relaxation, you will return to the private dressing room. If needed you may freshen up from the complimentary vanity counter provided with sanitized hair brushes and products. 

  • Complimentary healthy beverages and treats will be served.

  • We hope you will leave with a renewed sense of calmness and joy.

we use 100% organic herbs

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